Thursday, December 10, 2009

Google Wave?!

What's Google Wave and is it worth my time?

Simply put Google Wave is a Communication and Collaboration tool invented by Google.

For a quick summary click here.

Do you need to use Google Wave? Well, that depends. Are you working with people on projects? The main emphasis that I found with Google Wave is the COLLABORATION part of the whole experience. It makes projects with multiple people run smooth and effortlessly.

I currently am working on multiple projects with different people and Google Wave is 100 times better then email.

Some people are even using Google Wave for classes. They invite all the people in their study group to Google Wave. Then they can create a wave that includes all the notes from a specific class. They can compare notes, highlight what they think is important, and basically create a study guide to help them study for test and quizzes.

If you think that email is just fine for you right now, you are probably right. But if Google Wave interest you, let me know. You can only get access through invitations and Google just bumped my amount of invites from three to twenty five.

For a full video of what Google wave can do click here (its one hour and a half, but I think its extremely worth it to watch)

Have a good day :)

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  1. Send me and invite!... I think its cool that ur blogging... I miss blogging maybe ill start 2!